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What would it look like for a generation of future leaders to be fathered in the ways of perfect love? Our family tree is growing and it’s time to extend an invitation for young people to come and be immersed into a culture and a lifestyle of beloved identity. Union University will be an opportunity for a select number of college-aged individuals to be a part of our Homestead culture and engage in weekly classes and services while being fathered as they mature into the beloved sons and daughters they were designed to be.

Union University will be launched in Fall 2024 and is currently in the early planning phases. We are making an email subscribe option available to anyone that may be interested in applying in the future.


Please subscribe and fill out all the required information on the form. This form is NOT an application, but rather a way for us to gauge interest. You will be contacted as our planning progresses and we get closer to the summer months.

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