Become A Partner

When you partner with Damon Thompson Ministries, you become as much a part of DTM as Damon and Tammy. Our ministry is a team that feels like family and when you join with us in partnership you become a part of that team. We have watched the love of the Father transform the lives of countless individuals and families over the past 20+ years of ministry. The generosity and faithfulness of our partners allows Damon to continue to spread the message of beloved identity and righteousness.

We love to stay connected with our partnership family. As a partner, you will receive Damon's Partner Letter about what God is doing here in our ministry on a frequent basis. Partners are also given special email access to the ministry to submit testimonies, prayer requests and much more. In the future as we start back up our Wilderness Society Leadership gatherings, partners will be given early access to the audio/video of those teachings. 


Partners are individual people, families, companies/businesses or ministries that are faithful to give some level of financial support and prayer into Damon Thompson Ministries on a periodic basis. 

Your partnership with DTM enables us to continue to spread the message of beloved identity and righteousness throughout the earth. Our ministry prays for our partners daily and we are so blessed to hear the testimonies and stories our partners share with us about how they are both being impacted and also how they are impacting others with the love of Christ. 

What makes you a partner?

Did you hear we've moved?

Damon Thompson Ministries recently moved our base of operations to Mobile, Alabama. We are so stirred by this transition and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for all of us in Mobile. If you haven't had a chance to hear about this move please watch Damon's video message to our partners.

You can also read the full story here:

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