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A message from Damon...

I want to first thank each one of you for your faithfulness to our ministry and believing in the assignment Abba has given us to trumpet the message of beloved identity. As you may know if you have been keeping up with our ministry lately, I am coming out of the most significant trial of my life, and I cannot begin to express just how thankful Tammy and I truly are for your love, prayers, and support. All I really know to say is that when you come out of a physical trial like the one we are coming out of regarding your health, you emerge with the most significant “yes” to the voice and direction of Abba you have ever given him. 


Earlier this month we received a completely unexpected call that would forever change the course of our lives, and a call that we believe can change the course of history. I have had the honor and privilege of walking very closely with an apostolic father for the last 35 years. Aaron and Robbie Smith have been an unwavering voice of strength, correction and encouragement for those 35 years, and more specifically for the last twenty years for Tammy and me. It was Aaron that called me to inform me, very much to my surprise, Yahweh had instructed him the time had come for him to vacate the apostolic seat he had been occupying for over 30 years as the senior apostolic leader of our home church in Mobile, Alabama. This transition for Aaron is in order that he might take the seat in the area of the business world Yahweh had been leading him into. We were completely shocked by this transition, yet Tammy and I both immediately knew it was the right move for both Aaron and Robbie. 


The next statement in the call from Apostle Aaron was the real surprise. He said to me, “Would you be willing to come home and fill the seat I am moving out of? Would you move back home to Mobile, Alabama and become the senior apostolic leader of this church and all its various ministries?”

My spirit and my mind immediately began the great tug of war I’m sure all of you are very familiar with… My spirit and heart were both vibrating at a frequency I had only ever felt one time before in my life (which was the night I first laid eyes on Tammy almost 22 years ago).

I told Aaron I would go home and talk with Tammy and we would pray and I would call him back so we could discuss things further. The struggle of course is this amazing group of people we have been so honored and privileged to do kingdom life with here in Carolina and how this would impact everyone here. Tammy and I prayed and through the mixed emotions of the incredible sadness we felt this indeed was most likely the will of God for our lives. I was scheduled to preach at a couple of different spots that weekend, so after fulfilling those assignments I drove down to Mobile for a few days to meet with Aaron, Robbie and their children that were helping to lead the ministry there in Mobile. Yahweh was making it more and more clear…. I then began to reach out to deeply trusted apostolic and prophetic voices in our lives. I could not deny the consistency of the confirmation of their words and their voices. Trusted friends and family members one after the other began to affirm to us they felt this move was right. There has never been another time in our lives, never even close, when Abba has so faithfully confirmed His will and strategy for us as a family and ministry. 

Therefore, I am humbled and honored to announce at the end of the month of May we will be moving our family as well as DTM and all our DTM staff back home to our original home base of Mobile, Alabama. We are stirred with an overwhelming sense of divine providence around this transition, and we believe history is in the making! Transitioning away from the people we love so dearly in South Carolina is the most significant sacrifice Yahweh has asked of us, yet we fully believe this is Abba’s plan. We are so filled with peace as we are convinced of the greatness in the leaders remaining here in South Carolina. They will continue to steward this local expression.  

We will be able to gather significantly larger crowds in the facilities in Mobile, as well as providing many hotel options as we host larger monthly revival gatherings. We will continue to livestream these gatherings as well as continue to podcast all the teachings. We will be establishing our Wilderness Society gathering for leaders as soon as it is possible, and we have a great location for that gathering to grow. We are moving to Mobile with an extremely strong leadership team of sons that will be assisting with pastoring the local congregation. I will continue to provide apostolic oversight to Hope Chapel in South Carolina, as that place is so incredibly special to us. I have encouraged our senior leadership team to remain in South Carolina and keep the home fires burning. They are stirred and filled with tremendous vision for the future of Hope Chapel. Tammy and I are so honored to be continuing to provide oversight to that amazing house.  When we initially moved to South Carolina we thought it would be for maybe two or three years at the most, well that turned into ten years, and ten glorious years at that! It’s a wonderful and unfortunately uncommon situation to be experiencing a transition in leadership without any discord, indiscretion or behind the scenes drama, and trust me this is 100% the case at Hope Chapel. What makes this so difficult is how much we genuinely love each other in South Carolina and how deeply joined we are. It is a depth of relationship unlike any I’ve witnessed in over 25 years of ministry.


Now as far as Mobile is concerned, we will be making some significant announcements soon about the leadership team Yahweh is assembling for Mobile. It is going to be a really special group. The strength of this team in Mobile will be such that it will enable Tammy and me to be able to speak into the houses of our spiritual sons and daughters more consistently. While the church facilities in Mobile are much larger than what we have in South Carolina, the congregation is significantly smaller. The church in Mobile is not currently in a financial position to add in additional staff so Tammy and I have committed to going there without a salary. It is on our hearts to honor the thirty plus years of service by Aaron and Robbie by ensuring they receive their full salaries for the remainder of both of their long and healthy lives. We would not have it any other way! In addition to this, DTM will be initially providing the salaries for all our current staff as well as the pastors and additional support staff that will be moving with us. We believe that from Mobile, Yahweh’s dream for people to experience the message of beloved identity and righteousness will be trumpeted around the world. This move feels pregnant with history and purpose, and it will be an epic adventure into the depths of Abba’s goodness.We cannot wait to see all that Abba has prepared for all of us in the days to come!


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