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Prophecy to Alabama

Come and go with me to Alabama. For I shall make the state a beautiful way. I shall raise her up, and the wind of God shall blow upon her and through her and many shall come alive with my love - and I, the Lord, shall be a blazing fire running through Alabama. Many shall come from many places just to see what God shall do - for Alabama shall change in the power of this day.

Alabama, know ye this – that even now, beginning now – the winds of God that blow upon thee shall be the power of God that sets many free. For I, the Lord, shall run through you, run with my power, run with my joy and run with strength and bring people out – and they shall come out in the strength and witness of my glory and the blessing and fire of my Spirit – and it shall spread and cause many to walk in the spirit – and they will say what they couldn’t say before – and do what they couldn’t do before – and be who they’ve never been before – and they shall be naturally supernatural and work the works of the impossible and turn the heads of the children of men.

Listen to me – keep your eyes upon Alabama – for I say she shall be one that will make the news and many shall come from far and wide – and they shall come in cars and planes and trains to see what God is doing. I say she shall be as a banjo upon my knee – and I will play a song in her that shall reach around the world. Come and go with me and see Alabama set men free.

Given by a Missionary to Israel – Ruth Ward Heflin

In Ashland, VA – November 1996


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