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This collection of sounds was recorded at Ty’s house in 2020. What a wild year! The world was hit with the coronavirus pandemic in March, and our day to day routines immediately changed. Responsibilities shifted, our time at home increased, and our time with community decreased. Any shred of codependence on a corporate church gathering to fuel personal devotion was brought to the surface. Despite the undeniable devastation that so many faced, we found, hidden in this unprecedented period, a beautiful invitation. An invitation to fully lean into the arms of Abba with no ulterior motive. A grace for ruthless trust in the midst of obscurity. Sweet rest marked by His nearness. Truly.. A new way of thinking was found. As a family, we began feeling this undercurrent of hope and began doing everything we could to embrace that hope, while making sure our thinking warranted the reality that things are, in fact, getting better. 


Early in the pandemic we thought it would be great to record the song “Our God is Moving”. Those words had become such a staple for us. After completing that song, we simply felt like there was more that could be said and more language that could be given to what Abba was revealing to us. So we kept writing and we kept recording. Some songs were new, some were old. In fact, Luke had written “O Eden” nearly 2 years prior. The timing was undeniable. As these songs unfolded, each of them possessed a specific attribute that directly reflected this changing perspective and reinforced the foundation that Abba is good, I am beloved, and that will simply never change. 


O Eden.. Once again we trod thy paths..