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  • When is Carolina Revival?
    Carolina Revival is always scheduled for the first Friday of each month unless otherwise noted on our website. The Events page of our site is updated daily with the latest schedule information and details. View Upcoming Events
  • Where do I stay when I visit?
    We have put together a list of lodging options on the Visit Us page of our website. The majority of our guests stay in a hotel in one of the surrounding cities. For more details please view the Visit Us page
  • How early should I arrive for a service?
    Our gatherings are very crowded and seating is limited in the main sanctuary, but we do have several overflow rooms available in the building. As a result many guests will arrive several hours before the doors open to wait in line to try and get a seat. For example, if Carolina Revival starts @6:30pm the doors will open @5:15pm. All service times and the time the doors will open are always listed under the details of the event on the Events page
  • Why don't we livestream Sunday mornings?
    Our local community gathers weekly at Hope Chapel for services on Sunday AM. Damon has a strong personal conviction about the importance of connecting and gathering with a local fellowship. As a result, we do not livestream Sunday mornings at Hope Chapel in hopes that you will find a local congregation to connect with.
  • When are services at Hope Chapel?
    Hope Chapel exists to host the move of the Spirit we call Carolina Revival. Many individuals and families have moved over the years to connect with what the Lord is doing here. Our local community gathers on Sunday mornings @10:00AM and also at various times throughout the week for prayer. These services are open to anyone who would like to join us. For more details and information about local Hope Chapel services, please visit the Hope Chapel website.
  • Where can I listen to messages from Damon?
    Our messages are available across most major media platforms. Messages are available through our website, iTunes, YouTube,, Facebook Live, etc. For more details on how to access messages please view the Media section of our site.
  • How can I contact Damon?
    For details on how to contact us visit the Contact page of our website. Due to the large volume of emails we receive, Damon is not able to personally respond to each email, but he does read each one and loves to hear from you. Please send all emails to
  • How can I contact Damon about booking?
    Please visit the Booking page of our website for details on how to submit a booking request.
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