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Damon Thompson encountered the love of the Father at a young age and spent the first 25+ years of his ministry traveling to various churches and conferences all over the world. Beloved identity has revolutionized his life and has become his primary calling and purpose. Damon fathers spiritual sons across the nation and desires to see people come into a lifestyle of beloved identity and devotion. He is jealous for believers to be delivered from religious systems and to step into their greatest days of intimacy with the Father. Damon and his entire staff and ministry team recently transitioned from South Carolina to Mobile, Alabama. We are stirred as we believe we are in the beginning phases of something historic taking place in the state of Alabama. 

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Join us for our first Under the Oaks gathering of 2024.  All details can be found by following the link below.

What would it look like for a generation of future leaders to be fathered in the ways of perfect love? Our family tree is growing and it’s time to extend an invitation for young people to come and be immersed into a culture and a lifestyle of beloved identity.

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Something historic is stirring in Alabama!

Damon & Tammy are honored to be leading what is unfolding in Mobile! We are establishing a Kingdom family who is rooted in their beloved identity. We are already seeing our expression have a significant impact locally and globally.

For more information about what's happening at The Homestead Mobile click here!

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In this new podcast, Bryn Waddell sits down with Damon to discuss life, the Kingdom, ministry, family, and an array of other topics. New episodes release bi-weekly. Available anywhere you listen to podcast!



God always intended the wilderness to be a positive; however, many view this God-ordained period with negativity. The Wilderness Society exists to free kingdom leaders from the yoke of selfish-ambition and performance, to call them into a deeper place of devotion and proximity with the Father, and to redeem a foundational and necessary period of time in every leader's life called 'The Wilderness.'

Wilderness Society
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