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Damon Thompson encountered the love of the Father at a young age and spent the first 20+ years of his ministry traveling to various churches and conferences all over the world. In August 2014 his life and subsequently his ministry was forever changed when Yahweh began to pour out the mighty move of the Spirit that we now call “The Carolina Revival” and he has been stewarding this fire since its beginning. Damon found home and a Kingdom family in the wilderness of South Carolina. Beloved identity has revolutionized his life and has become his primary calling and purpose. Damon fathers spiritual sons across the nation and desires to see people come into a lifestyle of beloved identity and devotion. He is jealous for believers to be delivered from religious systems and to step into their greatest days of intimacy with the Father.



In August 2014, God began to pour out a mighty move of the Spirit among our congregation at Hope Chapel. We call this movement the Carolina Revival. This revival has become a home in the wilderness to so many individuals, families and even ministries over the past several years and we are overwhelmed by the goodness of the Father. 




God always intended the wilderness to be a positive; however, many view this God-ordained period with negativity. The Wilderness Society exists to free five-fold ministry leaders from the yoke of selfish-ambition and performance, to call them into a deeper place of devotion and proximity with the Father, and to redeem a foundational and necessary period of time in every leader's life called 'The Wilderness.'